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Buying and selling used clothing helps reduce the production of new clothing.



Wholesalers offer very cheap to buy unsorted, used clothes for 1-2 € / kg.

Assuming if there are 3 clothes in good condition per kg, then selling each for 5 €, you can get 15 € from 1 kg.

Buying used clothes from wholesalers is the cheapest way to start an online clothing sales business. .

It has been observed that in low-paid countries, many people are happy to buy second-hand clothes, as it is better to return € 5 than € 50 per item.

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On the platform, sellers have access to wholesalers from both Latvia and Lithuania, from whom you can buy both new and used clothes, and who are ready to deliver them directly to your home.


How are unsorted clothes different from sorted clothes?

Unsorted clothing is sourced from richer countries, where people return a variety of clothes for free. They are packed in bags and these bags go to wholesalers. Bags with clothes made in, for example, England could contain, on average, 70% of clothes for sale, often including new clothes.

Sorted clothing is when wholesalers open the following bags and divide the clothing into categories: Cream (highest quality, often with new clothes), Extra (high quality), and so on. In this case, you can immediately buy the highest quality clothing, but the price then becomes 3-4x higher.


Stock / Outlet clothing

There are also so-called Stock / Outlet clothes. These are new clothes that were not sold in a certain season. They can also be bought and resold. They can usually be selected and purchased separately for a particular brand. Prices vary by brand and type of clothing, ~ 5-50 € for 1 piece. But it's more for those with big financial opportunities.


How do I buy clothing from wholesalers?

New sellers can get help with purchasing from wholesalers through the contact form.

Depending on the offer of wholesalers, the price for unsorted, used clothes / shoes from England / Ireland is around 1.6-1.8 € / kg (including VAT) with a minimum order of about 200kg, or 18kg for sorted, used top quality clothes / shoes for 5-6 € / kg (including VAT). Several wholesalers are also ready to deliver the goods.


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